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Productos - Electrodos

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrode is an indispensable material used in the electric arc furnace steel making, for its excellent electrical conductivity and remarkable anti-thermal shock capability.

The current development of the modern electric arc furnace, increasingly larger capacity and higher current loads demand high quality electrodes which we offer through our principal Tokai Erftcarbon, guaranteed by more than 40 years working in this industry.

We offer graphite electrodes from 400 to 750 mm.

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Water-cooled cables arc.itecTM

ARC.ITEC™ water-cooled cables cover a large range dedicated to each application or business sectors : arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, induction furnaces, plasma furnaces, glass furnaces, steel making, electrometallurgy, graphitization refractories, …

Exclusive E.ITEC® development : ENDOCABLE™ cables enable their inspection from the inside without disassembly, for a perfect preventive maintenance.

Optimization of use and longevity: ARC.ITEC™ cables can be supplied with numerous thermal and mechanical protection or rotating terminal accessories.

Repairs : whatever the design or whoever the original manufacturer is, E.ITEC® can repair all cables and is committed to minimize the unavailability  of your cables through a quick and tailor-made quotation.

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Productos - Plantas desgasificadoras para siderurgia

Steel Degassing Plants

MTAG Switzerland’s main expertise consists of supplying solutions for vacuum degassing of liquid steel using mechanical dry pumping systems.

The Vacuum Degassing process, an essential step in the secondary metallurgy of steel, allows for a more precise removal of certain gaseous elements to successfully attain even the most complicated steel grades. We are capable of designing and delivering an extensive range of installation starting from a 5t liquid steel ladle capacity up to 300t.

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Productos - Equipamiento periférico para mejorar la seguridad en las acerías

Peripheral equipment to improve safety at the steel plants

MTAG Switzerland offers a wide range of equipment that improve the safety at the steel plants, and which are:

  • – Measuring & Sampling lance manipulators
  • – Automatic argon coupling systems
  • – Robotemp
  • – Automatic probe changing systems
  • – Process gas analyser
  • – Wire feeding machines

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Herramientas niplado electrodos

Equipment for handling and jointing electrodes

We offer a wide range of tools and equipment to carry out a perfect handling and jointing of the electrodes:

  • – On furnace electrode jointing robot: designed for EAF and LF, adds electrodes “on furnace” to eliminate off furnace oxidation. Operated from the Meltshop floor, reduces accident exposure compared to manual on furnace addition or electrode column exchange.
  • – Electrode tilting & storage station
  • – Electrode torque station
  • – Electrode holding station
  • – Electrode column lifting
  • – Broken electrode lifting device
  • – Electrode handling tools

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