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    Representaciones Industriales especializadas en Sector Siderúrgico

Who we are

Representaciones Industriales Bilbao

Together with my partner Javier, two engineers, we created GRAOLAN in 2006 to represent the Japanese graphite electrode manufacturer Tokai and serve its customers, the electric furnace steel mills, in Spain and Portugal. Since then we have added other companies to our catalogue.

When I started, I didn’t know what a representative did (I only knew Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s manager) or what a graphite electrode was (a pencil lead weighing 2,000 kg and 3 metres long¡¡), but I like challenges and nobody can beat me for the desire to learn.

So now we are part of the Tokai family (representative was an understatement), we can give conferences on electrodes and we maintain a close relationship with all our customers. Even a customer once told me that I was a good person. There is no better compliment.

Your trustful agent for Spain and Portugal

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We offer a complete supporting service to our represented companies, both technical and commercial, becoming the facilitator who contributes to guarantee a successful supplier-customer relationship.

Thanks to our experience we have a deep knowledge of our markets and keep a close relationship with our customers, becoming your trustful partner.

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