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    Representaciones Industriales especializadas en Sector Siderúrgico

Empresas representadas - Tokai Erfcarbon


TOKAI ERFTCARBON, which belongs since 2005 to Japanese Group TOKAI CARBON, is the third main producer of graphite electrodes in the world. Having production plants in Japan, US and Germany, has a production capacity of 100.000 Tn of UHP graphite electrodes.

The range of graphite electrodes covers from 500 to 750 mm and since more tan 25 years it is a trustful supplier of the main steel plants in Spain and Portugal.

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Empresas representadas - Mtag switzerlandMTAG SWITZERLAND

MTAG SWITZERLAND is a Swiss engineering and production company specialised in the development, engineering and supply of Secondary Metallurgy solutions.

Market leader in Vacuum Steel degassing installations with dry mechanical pumps where is world market leader, offer also solutions for ladle furnaces, de-dusting systems and alloying systems.

MTAG also offer a wide range of peripheral equipment to improve working safety at steel plants: wire feeding machines, lance manipulators for LF, EAF and VD/VOD, automatic remote media coupling systems for Argon/Nitrogen, etc…

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Empresas representadas - E ItecKILOAMPS

KiloAmps specializes in the design, the manufacturing and the installation of complete solutions for the transport of LV and HV high currents for industrial or service facilities, all over the world. For the steel industry KiloAmps offers ARC.ITEC water-cooled cables including reparation services whatever the design or whoever the original manufacturer is.

If offers exclusive complementary solutions for improving the cables maintenance, such as Endocable (endoscopic monitoring of the cables on site) or Ampelite (equipment to monitor permanently the state of each cable during production). KiloAmps also offer auto-conducting arms for electrodes, optimisation of secondary circuits, delta tubes, etc. For additional information please visit:

Empresas representadas - fastFAST

Italian manufacturer of equipment to improve safety at the steel plants.

Specialised in electrodes handling equipments such as robots for electrode jointing on the furnace, jointing stations, plugs, etc.

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